DeLainey Elizabeth Harris …. Laid to rest!!

The Voice of the Lesbian Senior …. update on this family’s loss. Please, keep them in your prayers!

It Is What It Is


~~June 25, 2014~~ 


“Today I had to say goodbye to my beautiful baby girl.

It took me a thousand times to walk away. It ripped my heart into a million pieces. I can’t believe that this is now the life I have. My pain is so unbearable but I know I have to be strong and get through this for my son. I sat with my little DeLainey all morning I sang to her, rocked her, talked to her and kissed her.

I pray she knows just how much I love her and miss her.


I’m sitting here now watching DeAngelo play with his lil’ cousin and all the dreams I had of my own two babies playing are flooding back through my mind. I know I will never get to see her grow up and him be her big brother. It…

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