To start the day ….. Uganda LGBT, living in fear!!

As the “Voice of Lesbian Senior” … I need to share this! This is persecution to the nth degree. Can you imagine the elder LGBT community? Please, review and get involved!! We ALL are ONE!!

It Is What It Is


~~February 16, 2014~~

I can’t get this out of my mind.

I’ve know about this situation for more than one year. Back then I couldn’t believe that this could be happening in the 21st century. Well, it is. And Uganda is not the only country in the world going back in time, taking steps against progress and acceptance against a reality of life.

I have read so much about this topic of intolerance, persecution, discrimination, abuse, violence and murder of this group in out society that I don’t know where to start.


I found an excellent source of information, activism and education through Ms. Melanie Nathan from …

Melanie Nathan, the publisher of this BLOG,  is a lawyer, mediator, equality activist, and human rights advocate who speaks and writes on issues impacting LGBTI communities around the world, with a focus on the U.S.A. and Africa.”


Many times it hits…

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