At the end of the day …. you’re 64 years old only once!!

As the “Voice of the Lesbian Senior” …. I can prove that I am a “senior”!

It Is What It Is


~~July 1, 2014~~

It’s that time of day.

Today I’ve heard from my family, childhood friends, high school friends, cyberfriends, real-life friends, Facebook friends, Farmville friends, blogger friends, friends from the past, new friends …. to all of you … thank you for making my day even better.

From the heart ….. Tight hugs!!


Here’s hoping and wishing that the next 364 days are just as chock-full of happy memories, of joy, of love and of good things as today has been thanks to all of you!


One is 64 years old only once in one’s life. Today has been that day for me.

I have to much to be thankful for.


I have a wonderful life in spite of the ups and downs that are typical in anyone’s life. I’m basically healthy. My aches and pains are the usual for my age (I think).

I have a wonderful family and…

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