To start the day …. Technology will never replace human touch!!

As the “Voice of the Lesbian Senior” … I need to share this. Technology has a place in our daily lives but the touch of love …. is irreplaceable!!

It Is What It Is


~~July 21, 2014~~ 

Life is too short to be away from love and people we love.

This 2 minute video subtly shows how a simple gesture made a baby stop crying.

The power of love can never be calculated but only felt. Sometimes we fail to express ourselves but times when we do, its like a huge burden has lifted off us.

The father in the video lifts his child, whose constant crying worries him, and takes the baby in his arms. The reaction of the baby is something for which you should watch this video.



~~Technology will never replace love~~

~~Published on Jul 13, 2014~~

“For the words of Mothers gently shared, caressed upon the mind, find their way into the whole wide world as the children find their way and thus become, all.”


“It’s true that technology has taken…

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