Sign the petition, Save the Gaza Children

Irregardless of your beliefs ….. this is so important!! This senseless violence must stop!!

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     The war in Gaza has been a major concern to many, everyone is talking about it, it makes headlines in all newspapers and TV stations… But what we are not talking about is the ‘Children in Gaza’.
     The Israel-Gaza conflict‘s death toll has now exceeded 1,000, most of them Palestinians, including innocent young children. These young children are going through a lot: some are being killed, others are injured or loose their parents to the seemingly unending conflict. Most of them no longer go to school, they do not play freely anymore, they don’t feel safe, there’s always a sense of danger, they’re always on the run… I worry so much about them, just as I worry about the Syrian children whose condition almost brings tears to my eyes and leaves me frustrated that I can’t do much to change the situation.
       Here’s apicture of…

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