To start the day ….

Sharing good thoughts today …. as the “Voice of Lesbian Senior”!!
Full graphics credits go to Margaret Moss Painter … “Life’s A Dance”. Enjoy ….

It Is What It Is

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~~February 23, 2014~~

It’s a beautiful day. The early morning and the early rising bring so much hope and so much promise. I want to make the best of it. This is another opportunity to go ahead, live life, experience joy, love and all there is.

Celebrate LIFE!!

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The grateful heart knows the meaning of life. The grateful heart appreciates and values all that it receives. The grateful heart is a happy heart.

In spite of changes in the seasons, a grateful heart will always live the “summer experiences”.

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Peace brings compassion. This compassion is spread to all living beings around us: animals, plants, insects …. we appreciate Nature in all it’s splendor.

Peace brings light to any dark space.

Let’s have peace inside and don’t be shy in sharing!!

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Take me there!!

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Dance like…

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