UGANDA … Powerful pictures, powerful video!

As the “Voice of the Lesbian Senior” …. a throwback post. Don’t forget what is still happening in Uganda!!

It Is What It Is



~~February 24, 2014~~

Those who read my posts and visit “It Is What It Is” know that generally the tone of this “spot” is nice, loving, kind hearted, positive, Nature and Spirituality related, medical topics and some controversial posts and reblogs.

Today I’m having a difficult time keeping that lighthearted overall feel. 

As I stated before, today is a sad day for me. I can not understand the hatred, discrimination, violence, persecution, destruction, abuse, killing that is filling up our world. 


Where is the love? Where is Peace? Where is our concern about humankind? Where is our concern about the environment and our planet? Where is our equality?

I have allowed reality to come into my “spot”. Today there is no way to get around it or away from it.

There’s negativity, prejudice, discrimination, violence, death in this post. I have allowed all of this to come…

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