PLEASE … being gay can’t be changed!! No conversion therapy is worth the life of a loved one!!!!

Conversion therapy for LGBT teens is not the answer …. lives may be lost because of pushing this “agenda”. Love, acceptance, understanding and tolerance … these are some of the answers!!

It Is What It Is

A Mother’s Heartbreaking Tale Of Losing Her Gay Son

Evan Hurst June 05, 2013

“The Religious Right hates it when we point out that their teachings are directly related to the problems of bullying, depression, self-loathing and suicide. We don’t point this out to be mean, or as a smear. We point it out because it’s true, but we also understand that many run-of-the-mill Fundamentalists truly believe they’re doing the right thing when it comes to society, the LGBT community and their own children.

This is the disconnect in messaging, because, aside from Religious Right leaders who actually do know better, yet are motivated by obscene anti-gay animus and thus continue to lie, many religious people are hurting their own families and they don’t know it. Sometimes the results are tragic.


On a blog called FreedHearts, the writer shares a Facebook post from a Christian mother she knows personally…

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