At the end of the day …. To start the day: Leigh Shannon!!

As the “Voice of the Lesbian Senior” …… Leigh Shannon, local female impersonator in Orlando ….. received a Lifetime Achievement Award!!! Congrats!!

It Is What It Is


~~September 16, 2014~~ 

Last night was a wonderfully late evening. We were honored with an invitation to an important event in one of our local communities. 

It was wonderful to be there and share with Leigh Shannon this wonderful event in recognition of his life’s work in entertainment, mentoring and helping those in need. 


From Darcel Stevens:

“For her outstanding commitment and dedication to the art of female impersonation, Miss Gay Orlando Pageantry is proud to present, Parliament House 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award to: Leigh Shannon! 

Don’t miss the honored event, Monday Sept 15, 9 PM Parliament House MISS GAY ORLANDO PAGEANT.”


In his own words:

“Thank You Parliament House Orlando Don Granatstein, Susan, Christopher T. Guy and the wonderful staff for the award and recognition of work. I appreciate it more than you know. MY apologies , my husband has to work in 5 hours …. so we we went home … PROMISE…

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